2015 Book Scholarship Winners


Alex is from Northvale, New Jersey. He is currently studying Digital Marketing at Baruch College. Alex is part of the weekly Hillsong NYC Venue Control team and he served as a volunteer for Sandy Relief. Alex believes that as an ambassador for Christ, he has learned to never squelch his beliefs. He has learned that sharing his faith is not always easy, but it is also not an option. As an ambassador for Christ Alex has taken the opportunity to speak to any and all that wants to know the story of his downfall and how Christ picked him up and brought him back into the light. He also utilizes his large social media following and has dedicated much of his web-real- estate to post about his faith and walk with Christ. He has received much criticism for it, but has also received more words of praise and affirmation for sharing his story.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 is about renewal. Finally understanding that no matter what troubles, or sorrows fill your heart today, that we should praise God like he’s already blessed us to our potential. That God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ. That the old has gone, and the new is here! To learn to trust Jesus and walk into the small storms of today because he is sparing us from the big storm of tomorrow; that is the kind of God we serve.

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Bria is from Monroe, Louisiana. She is currently studying Kinesiology at University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is taking the initiative to influence our society and culture for Christ by being a young entrepreneur, community leader and soon-to-be college graduate.

At the age of 17, Bria started Epic Worship LLC, which is a company that produces custom artwork, Christian t-shirts, and basic business logos. Epic Worship allows her to spread positivity via clothing, canvases, and graphic design. In May 2014, Bria founded Young 31s which is based on the Proverbs 31 passage in the Bible.
Young 31s is a non-profit organization that seeks to mentor, inspire, and empower young ladies ages 13 to 21. Through seven thought provoking, life changing, adventurous, abstract, as well as practical mentoring sessions, every young woman who transitions through these sessions is offered a tangible opportunity to live a life she may have never been exposed to.

Carrying out God’s will for my life holds so much weight and it would be a shame to be the one member of Christ’s body who is out of position. Being out of place will cause dysfunction to the body and that is something I refuse to be responsible for. I am determined to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through Epic Worship and Young 31s, but not limited to these two avenues, one t-shirt at a time and one young lady at a time. If I can impact a few lives, I believe that a chain reaction of believers on fire for God will ignite one another with expedience.

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Crystal currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she attends Charlotte School of Law. She aspires to practice in the areas of Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Upon graduation she plans to take the North Carolina State Bar as well as the Virginia State bar. Crystal is a member of the Black Law Student Association, North Carolina Bar Association, & National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice. She also volunteers at the Newport News Court Appointed Special Advocates, Charlotte School of Law Pre Law Academy, & Habit for Humanity. In addition she works as a summer school teacher and Case manager where she has personally impacted the lives of many children. Her passion is for at risk youth and she has devoted the majority of her education, training, and volunteer work to learning more about, and assisting these young people, as well as advocating for abused and neglected children within her own community. As an ambassador for Christ, Crystal is always encouraging them to pray in times of anger, uncertainty, and pain and showing them that even though their situations maybe bad, that she serves a God who is capable of doing great things.

This new walk of life that we have embarked on as Christians is a gift from God. One that we have to share with the world, because we now know first hand that God can deliver. With that deliverance, we are given the responsibility to share with others, If he can do it for me, he can do it for you. God saves all and no sin is too big, too small, or done too many times that it cannot be forgiven — that is the ministry of reconciliation that we have

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Rachel is from Chesapeake, Virginia. She is currently finishing her senior year at Indian River High School and plans to study Engineering at Virginia Tech in the fall. In addition to her 4.67 GPA, Rachel is heavily involved in her community. She is the captain of the field hockey team, President of the Key Club, Vice-President of the National Honor Society, Vice- President of Invisible Children & a Two’s and Three’s Sunday School Teacher.

Rachel is the founder and Head of a Youth Mentoring Program at Oak Grove UMC. For the last two year her program has served as an avenue for High School Seniors to mentor High School Juniors and act as “Big Brothers” and “Big Sisters.” Rachel uses this program to be an Ambassador for Christ and to teach others to be the same.

I am continually amazed and humbled that God’s love for us is great enough that he would sacrifice His son so that we could be reconciled to Him. Because of His mercy and grace, it is my duty and my pleasure to be Christ’s a Ambassador and share this message to everyone around me.

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