Jackie Hill-Perry – Jig-A-Boo

April 26, 2014
Don Carey

Jackie Hill – Jig-A-Boo

This is a video from Jackie Hill righteously expressing the status of the Church. Thank you Jackie for your boldness. I pray the Father continues to give you the strength to preach the true Gospel of Christ. 

Father we come before you this day praying that you will revive your people. Father please place within us a drive to preach your Gospel with boldness and accuracy. To live our lives for your purpose and your purpose alone. Father forgive us of our selfishness. Forgive us for desiring to hear a word over learning your word, living your word and spreading your word to this sinful word. Lord give us the zeal to study your scriptures and learn more about you and your will. Your principles and statutes. Your commandments and judgements. My god I pray that daily you will transform us into your glorious image so that when they see us, they see you. As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in darkness. I pray that we will reflect the light of your Son to those stuck in darkness. In Jesus name we pray Amen!

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