Healing? Does it have an age limit or time delay?

August 20, 2014
Lakeisha Gray

Often times, when we hear the word healing, we automatically think of physical healing. Healing from sickness, illness, and disease might come to mind, but healing is much more than surface deep. Healing can also take place when your heart is broken and needs mending, when your heart is filled with bitterness and anger, and when you need joy. Additionally, healing can occur when your heart endures hurtful words, unfulfilled promises, abuse, or abandonment issues. When you are hurting because of conflicts and bad situations, and in need of a makeover, or even when your heart has hardened, grown cold and needs surgery, healing can transpire.

The word says in Revelation 12:11, “we overcome by the words of our testimony,” so I would like to share a testimony so dear.

At a young age, I experienced so many of the above issues of the heart. Things I wasn’t supposed to go through and should have been protected from, I faced and had to endure. My heart was filled with anger, disappointment, hate, bitterness, brokenness, and ultimately hardened. This fist sized organ that’s supposed to share love and positive feelings didn’t feel anything but…NUMB

I don’t want to focus on the situation or the circumstance, but the process and the result. I read a scripture that God has the king’s heart in his hand and he can change it as he sees fit. This is a true testament of my heart.

I don’t remember if I prayed and asked for a change of heart because I was so young, like before my teen years. I just remember something miraculous happened. The word says, “a broken and contrite heart, he will not despise and he is close to.”

So one day when I was riding in the back seat of a car, I had a glimpse of a healthy heart and an unhealthy heart. It was a big difference because an unhealthy heart breeds so much hurt, sickness, illness, offense, and brokenness. I mean I found myself operating and doing things I wouldn’t normal do, but I was being lead by hurt and numbness.

Back to the process, God put me under the needles and lights, and performed open heart surgery on me. He dealt with every issue, every hurt, and every pain. He filled my heart with forgiveness and love. He placed a genuine healthy heart inside of me instead. After living for 27 years, it still amazes me how before I really understood what was really going on with me, God healed me. So the answer is no…healing doesn’t have an age limit because whether you are young or old, God can perform surgery on your heart and deal with the matters of your heart. He will not just deal, but he will and can heal you. I’m confident that it doesn’t have a time period or delay, but when you believe he can do the impossible, HE WILL. Faith can cause your healing to come immediately, but some of us have to endure the healing process from an open heart surgery.

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Kenneth Moyer
August 20, 2014 1:13 pm

Great word! Forgiveness is a must if you are going to see Jesus’ face in peace.


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