HashTag Monday

June 09, 2014
Don Carey

#‎HelloMyNameIs‬ Old Testament. I am severely misunderstood and cast off as irrelevant. They preach I’ve been replaced by the New Testament. Shun me away for my accurate account of history. Apologize for my explicit laws against sin. And treat me like a social pariah. But if only they knew. I am the never changing revelation of God. Christ can be found on every page for I conceal God’s mysterious plane from the beginning which is Christ crucified, buried, and rise on the third day. I am historically accurate, Scientifically flawless, Archaeologically verified, and theologically sound. Gods grace emanates from my accounts and I am proof of his mercy. #‎HelloMyNameIs‬ Old Testament and I am a shadow of things to come, namely Christ!

#‎HelloMyNameIs‬ Church goer. 9am Sunday school 11am Sunday service. 7pm Tuesday prayer meeting. 7pm Wednesday night bible study. 7pm Friday night youth service. 10am Saturday choir rehearsal… Repeat #HelloMyNameIs Church goer. New Year’s Eve service, Easter service, Mother’s Day service, Father’s Day service, Pastor Appreciation Day i’m in that thang. Palm Sunday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas I’m in the front row. Then I realize…Sitting in church doesn’t make me a Christian no more than sitting in a garage makes me a car. There has to be something more. Now I know that I am saved by grace not works but my works are evidence of my faith. So I’ve decided to work my faith outside of the Church walls as well as inside them. I’ve decided to impact the popular culture for my God according to Matthew 28. I’ve decided to study the word so I can answer any questions according to 1 Peter 3. I’ve decided to do all things in love according 1 Corinthians 13. So allow me to reintroduce myself. ‪#‎HelloMyNameIs‬ Disciple of Christ

‪#‎HelloMyNameIs‬ SINNER. I am an adulterer, a thief, a liar, a murderer, a predator, a coveter, a manipulator, a deceiver, a fornicator, an idolator. I am greedy, selfish, immoral, stubborn, spiteful, angry and full of pride. But by the grace of God I have been cleansed. HE has set me free from sin. HE has washed me of all iniquity. I am not worthy of HIS mercy. For with out HIM no righteousness dwells in me. HE alone deserves all glory, for HE alone created all things. HE alone sustains all things and it is HE alone who paid the price for redemption. I am forever indebted to HIM for HE is my savior. HE is my lord. HE is my King. HE is my God. I have accepted the Gospel that HE has declared, and as a result HE has adopted me as HIS own. So please allow me to reintroduce myself. #HelloMyNameIs REDEEMED!

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