Are the 2000s the new 1960s?

June 09, 2014
Don Carey

With all that is going on in America, the idea that we are in unprecedented times seems to be the consensus of most people. In a land where popular culture mantras love who you want, sleep with who you want and abort what you don’t, I can understand where this mindset comes from. The mantras; however, don’t end here. In addition to promiscuity, we see the traditional views of marriage being attacked by gay activists and others who push the homosexual agenda. That is, marriage should not be between one man and one woman. Rather it should be between two persons. Making it legal for two men or two women to “marry”. We also see the unjust murders of millions unborn Americans. Not to mention the constant attack of the christian faith by the secular community.

This truly does seem like unique times. But is this the case? As the great Israeli King Solomon once said “there is nothing new under the sun”. Meaning no matter how new a situation may seem, it however, is a play on or a reenactment of some prior event or events. If we were to summarize, today we see homosexuality, Atheism, lust and abortion promoted on just about every television channel, every radio show, in our education systems, paraded through our streets and even from the pulpits of some churches. But contrary to popular belief, these are not new occurrences in our society. Let’s take a closer look at these issues and see how the events of the 1960s correlate with the present.

Love who you want, sleep with who you want, abort what you don’t.

If we are being honest, there is no way we can deny that promiscuity is rampant in our society. It is all but impossible for a man to walk through a mall without being bombarded with a barrage of border line soft porn advertisements from stores. There use to be a time where television stations would censor their own shows. Nowadays, sexual morality has been sacrificed for ratings because we all know that sex sells. As a man, it’s nearly impossible to flip through channels and not see some sort of sexual intimacy border lining pornographic. If we are being honest, it’s impossible to deny that the music industry is pushing this sexual agenda. Artists tell our women to shake this, pop that, get naked for a dollar. They tell our males you’re not “the man” if you don’t have women flocking to you left and right or if you’re not smashing women left and right. And even worse, they’d prefer her married or in a relationship so they can brag about how they took someone else’s girl. If we are being honest, it’s impossible to deny our education systems are pushing this sexual agenda. Students learn about sex at a much younger age than when I was in school. I learned about sexual education in high school, students now days learn as early as elementary. Not only do they learn about sex but they are aided in the process. Several years ago, New York began to pass out birth control pills to students without the written consent of their parents as a final ditch effort to combat teen pregnancy rates. What happen to telling our youth to wait and save yourself for marriage?

It’s not just lust, but the killing of thousands of babies per day. Abortion nowadays has become the new contraceptive. On average, 3,000 babies are aborted in America. Recently a company was discovered to be illegally taking aborted fetuses and incinerating them for energy. To make matters worse, aborted and miscarried babies in the UK are openly incinerated to heat hospitals. And anyone standing for “pro-life” and against abortion is label as sexists and discriminated against. I could actually understand this treatment if someone was physically restraining a woman from abortion but this is not the case for the vast majority of anti-abortion activists. “Pro-life” activist are labeled as sexist just because we have an opposing view on the subject.

How does this correlate to the 1960s? The public display of sexual liberty and abortion, for the most part, find their origins in this time period. The 1960s are famously known as the sexual revolution. It is in this time period we see dramatic and radical social change occurring in the American youth. Heavily influenced by the hippie counter cultural movement, society began to take on the mindset that life is about being happy so “if it feels good, do it”. It wasn’t however until the FDA licensed “The Pill” that the love who you want movement really spread throughout the country. Americans now felt that science had given them an upper hand over nature and since STDs were not an issue then as it is now, People could now have as much sex as they wanted and with who they wanted without condoms or worries of becoming pregnant. The problem, as if this isn’t already sinful in the sight of a holy God, however came when drugs became a part of the equation. Largely do to the fact that people were heavily doped on weed and LSD (acid), amongst other things of course, people were forgetting or just did not care to take the pill resulting in a spike in pregnancies. Abortion at this point was still illegal in most states in America; nevertheless, through the coordinated efforts of pro-choice activism in the late 60s, Abortion became legal by 1973.

The “Gay Rights” movement

On June 26, 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed Proposition 8 now making it legal for same-sex couples to “marry”. As a result, thousands of people paraded the streets celebrating the monumental ruling in favor of the homosexual community. With in the next few months hundreds of “same-sex marriages” were conducted and are still being conducted to this day. Needless to say this ruling came as a result of years and years of well-organized activism and strategic protest by Homosexuals and supporters of their cause. In some respects I actually admire how such a small group of individuals, about three percent of the population, could come together and impact society on such a grand scale. With that being said, if we are being honest there is no denying that there is a homosexual agenda in America. A radical mindset that not only challenges the traditional views of marriage but attacks anyone who has an opposing view. Those brave enough to publicly stand against this worldview are quickly labeled as bigoted and silenced. Seems that some of those who have come out of the closet are now seeking to replace the opposition there. The homosexual agenda is not only challenging the constitution’s view on marriage, but the views of the church as well. Several individuals like Rob Bell and Matthew Vine, have come with new ideas on how to interpret the bible in regards to homosexual relations. These ideas, no matter how sincere, are an attack on the Gospel of Christ. Biblically the relationship between a man and his wife is a picture of Christ’s love for the church. Anyone teaching alterations to that picture, again no matter how sincere, is teaching heresy and is not grounded in scripture.

How does this correlate to the 1960s? Although not as radical, the 60s is full of Gay rights activism. you could literally go down the list year by year and see much activity going on. for example on July 28, 1961 Illinois Governor Otto Kerner (D) signs a set of revisions to the state’s legal code which include repeal of Illinois’ sodomy law. California would introduce legislation to do the same in ’69’. In December 1964 several church leaders and gay activists joined together to form the Council on Religion and the Homosexual (CRH). The purpose of this organization was to educate the religious community about LGBT issues as well as try to enlist support for their cause. In the summer of 1986 The Wall Street Journal publishes an article entitled, “U.S. Homosexuals Gain in Trying to Persuade Society to Accept Them”. In addition to these there are many other instances of court cases, sit ins, riots, demonstrations & gay pride marches. As it is today, we see the Homosexual agenda working to persuade the Media, Government & the Church simultaneously.

The Atheistic attack on Christianity

The overwhelming majority of people in America identify as Christian, yet it is the Atheistic worldview that dominates the education system. Students are taught that the Earth is billions of years old & humans evolved from non humans as if these are proven facts. This mindset along with attacks from some college professors is so heavily pushed on our youth that 3 out of 4 leave the faith by the end of their freshman year in college. If we are being honest there is no denying that there is an Atheistic agenda seeking to eradicate Christianity in our schools. In April 2014 as Christians proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the University of Connecticut’s campus, they were quickly and aggressively met with opposition from Dr. James Boster, a professor of anthropology. Dr. Boster mocked the believers yelling how he wanted them to be ashamed and embarrassed for calling Darwin a lie. After finishing with the evangelists the professor turned to the crowd asking if they had accepted Darwin as their lord & savior and yelling praise Darwin. This past May as students at East Carolina University prepared for graduation. They quickly learned that they were prohibited from thanking God during their graduation speeches. According to Dr. Eli Hvastkovs, Assistant Chemistry Professor, he had his reasons for this prohibition but didn’t want to share them with the students. Richard Dawkins, possibly the worlds most famous atheist, has been very outspoken and blunt about achieving this goal. Along with his overall disdain for the Christian faith or any idea of a God, Dawkins has begun to call for his fellow atheist to quote “mock and ridicule them publicly”.

How does this correlate to the 1960s? In the Engel v. Vitale case in 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-1 against prayers set up by New York educational officials for public school children to recite. The government-sponsored religious devotion was challenged in court by a group of parents from New Hyde Park (some atheists, some believers). In 1963 Ed Schempp brought a case against mandatory bible readings in Pennsylvania schools that would reach the Supreme Court. In the same year, Murray O’Hair brought a case against reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Maryland. which also reached the Supreme Court. in all three instances the Supreme Court deemed praying in schools, daily devotionals in schools and reciting the Lord’s Prayer in schools were all unconstitutional.

My friends, I truly do understand how one can believe that these are unprecedented times, especially given the circumstances. But I have not written this blog to further push that notion. I come to tell you that we serve a God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. We serve a God who is mighty to save and able to deliver anyone from any situation. Do not fret people. Yes these seem to be horrible times. Yes these seem to be ungodly times. Yes it seems as if we’ve slid too far away from God and his precepts. But allow me to once again point you to the 1960s. To Christians back then, those days seemed to be unprecedented and ungodly; nevertheless, it is in the worse of times and when we seem to be at our weakest point, that God steps in and shows his power. God set in motion a revival that not only effected America, but moved throughout the world. Fear not friends, I believe just as the Lord move through the Pentecostal movement of the 1960s, that he will once again move mightily today. I believe that there will be a move of the spirit that takes this country by storm and once again spreads globally. I believe souls will be saved, addictions will be broken, lives will be changed, and we will once again proclaim the name of Jesus as Lord. Not by our might nor our power, but by the grace of our great God and King Jesus Christ. Never lose hope. Never lose faith. Continue to persist in prayer. Do not grow weary in your well-doing. Always trust in the Lord, knowing that he is mighty to save. Amen!

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